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Here are the pictures which grabbed my eyes this week. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Faminto por Almas by Wesley-Souza
Gandalf's day off by taisteng For the Goddess in Us All by WakefieldDesigns In nature's lap by Blubirdss Hello there by MissMatix
Clear by Yewrezz
Lead me to the cross by kevron2001
Contestautomnefairy by roserika .:Game of Conspiracy:. by SummerDreams-Art Finist The Bright Falcon by SusanLight
Retrospection by Shirokibo
Ancient Future by KarimFakhoury
GASOLINE by TheCallyBear Octovius # song of the sea by LINGDUMSTUDOG Addicted To You by Sweetlylou
In Loving Memory by nobeatfakethor
Strange by MufarrehAlsubaie
The Damn Empty by FallanDark Red Dress by mimikascraftroom The Huntere by Fiammetta62
The Land of Beasts by nina-Y
Night Dancer by DeniseWorisch 
Lady of the Crows by itznikki530 Nature Teaches Us Tenderness by motherearth01 Resting in the stone by anonimodesign1
Opium by Manink
Above The Cloud 02 - dheean by dheean 
OUAT Regina fan art by ektapinki Revenge - All Consuming Madness by LilsRaven Farewell by debNise
The Ego - Putrefaction by Detelina
Follow the Light by Drake1024
Last Kiss by apanyadong Petal by kimsol In my Dream 2 by Antoshines 
Collecting leaves by AdrianaMadrid

Here are the winners of the "Walk Around the World Contest" hold by

:iconybsilon-stock: :iconcd-stock: :iconevelivesey:

   1st Trophy by H-SWilliams   
2 The suitcase by doclicio
We  loved  the  idea  and  creativity

    2nd Trophy by H-SWilliams  
A Long Walk Home by Mr-Ripley
 We  loved the  Story  behind  This  Artwork

3rd Trophy by H-SWilliams  
TROPICALL CHILL by naradjou14
We  Loved The Concept and  the Achievement
travel the world by MenInASuitcase

Honorable Mention:

Traveller in space by JiaJenn31  Aventura me Espera by Wesley-SouzaThe sands of Buddha by Julianez  Walking Dutch by mrscats 

Here are the winners of the Short Challenge #9 hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium: Congrats!


Members choose

. Survive by VanessaPadua

Essence of a Lotus by Alexis-Frost

 founders choose

Old Wizard by LovizZ
Here are the winners of the Soul Eater's Contest hosted by :iconmanipulationhelpdesk:

1st Trophy First Place 1st Trophy 

Soul Reaper from :iconrui-abel:

Soul reaper by Rui-Abel

2nd Trophy Second Place 2nd Trophy 

Business as Usual from :iconnova63:

Business as Usual by nova63

3rd Trophy Third Place 3rd Trophy 

Soul Eater from :icongurlindashadows:

Soul Eater by GurlinDaShadows

Trophy Honorable Mention Trophy 

Thanatos ~ Soul Eater from :iconmarcoherrera:

Thanatos ~ Soul Eater by MarcoHerrera

Congratulations guys!!! Amazing and gorgeous entries! Clap

First place

Invisible by Mr-Ripley

You have won: 3,500 DA points plus a print of your choice (up to $20) from communityrelations; exclusive stock pack from PirateLotus-Stock; 3 exclusive stock packs from CelticStrm-Stock; exclusive stock pack from annewipf; exclusive stock pack from YBsilon-Stock

Second place

One travel to Transylvania. by CharllieeArts
Congratulations Party

1st Trophy


Gene Manipulated Potato Invasion by Black-B-o-x


Catching stars by MoonlightImages


Collector of Magical Stars by Branka-Johnlockian

2nd Trophy


Hello... :) by Cold-Tommy-Gin


SteampunkBlues by VertigoEBC


Sisters by Love-and-Blades

3rd Trophy


Little watchmaker - Steampunk friend [contest] by msriotte


Make a Wish by VeilaKs


The Stardust Shoppe by Thestorymagician

Honorable Mentions



Dance of the Ravens by PaperDreamerArt
The Raven Lady by Mr-Ripley
Reina Cuervo by DanielPriego



Arising in the Obscurity by LaercioMessias
Star Seller by Kallunke
Sanctuary by a-pretty-white-lie



Youth seller by Afrani4
Lady Ravens by Julianez
Come to me!! by anonimodesign1
Here are the pictures which grabbed my eyes this week. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Baba Yaga by Wesley-Souza Baba Yaga and the Magic Swan Geese by LeenaHill Baba Yaga in Her Mortar by itznikki530 Baba Yaga and Zarevich from Marya Morevna by Energiaelca1 Baba-Yaga and Vasilisa the Beautiful by marphilhearts
Shepherdess by AdrianaMadrid Caught soul + Video by Stan-CS30
Delusion Rain by Alshain4 In the dead of night by anonimodesign1 Tigers in the Heaven by adrianoampb
My Place III by apanyadong Sanctimonia Vincet Semper by CherryAbittant
Romance by artorifreedom My Village - dheean by dheean
Circe: Greek Goddess by Bluefiregrl Seabound by Elchanan
Shade Of Hope by IasmyKillha Enya by Gedogfx
Memories by ektapinki Soldier of Fortune by gotman68
 Cemetery-Angel by EnchantedWhispersArt Soul of Silence by KalosysArt 
fireflies by evenliu Loneliness by IMertTmyksl
Spells and Potions by kimsol Protection by MelieMelusine Aventura me Espera by Wesley-Souza
Rhinemaiden by kimsol Astro Bar by LINGDUMSTUDOG
Intruder by Mysterykids Deep in the Forest by nine9nine9 
In the attic by Lubov2001 Ribbon by masKade
Ladyenrose by roserika TRIP WITH NATURE by saritaangel07 Illustration to the fairy tale Bazhov. by veravik
A Long Walk Home by Mr-Ripley I wonder what there by mrscats 
Lamia: The Murderer by Secretadmires Nothing really Matters by shiny-shadows-Art REMEMBERED by THE--ENEMY
Vale of Duality - ( Duel of Malevolence ) by Mike-Uriel Bittersweet Memories by nobeatfakethor
For the Curious by Shirokibo Guardian by Tanatos83 Fall by TaniaGarvin

Here are the pictures which grabbed my eyes this week. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Paper Dreams by AdrianaMadrid
Beats of winter by Aeternum-Art Muslim Bin Aqeel by anasheay Luna Nova by Alexis-Frost
Memories by Energiaelca1 
FORGOTTEN by apanyadong Blue Cemetery by apanyadong
Princess-of-the-lake by EnchantedWhispersArt 
Averoigne by Brizzolatto55 Pretty in Pink by Birdsatalcatraz The beauty of life by CindysArt
Independent by CadiesArt
Magic Night II by Dani-Owergoor last swan by beyzayildirim77 Enlightened by Detelina 
Magic Book by ektapinki
S.A.E! by darling12 A Beautiful Fairy... by Euselia
Fishing Cottage by feathersnchains
Next  chapter by JiaJenn31 Mysterious Night by Gilgamesh-Art-IQ  
Chronicles of Time by kimsol
The lightness of beauty by genivaldosouza Mr. Neil by evanlawrence Black geisha by JiaJenn31
Dance with the death by MelieMelusine
Alice by IgnisSouls Tears Of A Clown by LanaArts Last Battle by marcosnogueiracb
Adolescence (Love and Heartbreak) by Mvicen
what dreams may come by LanaTustich The Last Days Of A Tragic Allegory by MoodyBlue Time Player by Manon-M
Tornado Hell Unleashed by Nacho3
I can see your soul by MoonZaphire Hope Dies Last by lady-amarillis
surf the clouds and race the dark by Nikkayla
Not just a Fairy by SPRSPRsDigitalArt Angel Of Compassion by motherearth01 Remnants by Phatpuppyart-Studios 
Suicide King by Shann2j
Dance of the Ravens by PaperDreamerArt COME BACK TO ME by saritaangel07 Whos Bad by shiny-shadows-Art
Unchain My Mind by Softyrider62
Home, sweet home by sasha-fantom The girl by SteinTSkavaas Soul Reaper by Shirokibo
Beneath the Shadows by tamaraR
Morrigan by Stan-CS30 Jardin des anges by MelieMelusine Way home... by TatyanaChe
Le Passage by VeroniqueThomas
Enchanted Night by Veelu21 Perisas on the Borders of Hell by vampirekingdom Dream on by Vileneus

September 19th's feature is SHINY. All mediums and skill levels accepted! This means anything from literature to craft to traditional and digital mediums. So long as the theme SHINY is somehow depicted in the submission it will be accepted. Submit one deviation per person  

on this poll. It can be yours or something another artist created. Old, new, it doesn't matter. If you have any questions ask them in the comment on this poll so others who may have the same question can see it answered.

Here are the pictures which grabbed my eyes this week. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Peace at sunset  by AdrianaMadrid The Sinister Awakening by Christel-Michiels
Mysterious River + Video by Nikulina-Helena In Salem's Nights by 3mmI Black Wing by apanyadong  
Halloween by dangel099
 Black Magic by BaltasarVischi Draconian by Eternal-Dream-Art
Safe at night by Energiaelca1
Transformation - Poster/Album cover by neverdying Forbidden Autumn by ChiantyVex Orient Beauty by Euselia 
Resting-Buddhas by EnchantedWhispersArt

The white wolves by CindysArt TROPICALL CHILL by naradjou14 and only crows circling ... by IrinaPonochevnaya
leShark by iblushay
Landscape by imagase I got u in my hands by JiaJenn31 
She Doesn't Care Anymore by Kiriya
Once Upon A  Dream by Litavismindartist C O N D E M N E D by MirellaSantana Capture of the Firebird by PerlaMarina
The Dancer... by LheenasArtwork
Red Riding Hood II by marcosnogueiracb Sunset Avenue by MorriganArt Dancing Barefoot by muirart 
Exodus III: Resignation by Rowye
Nomad by sara-hel Goodbye to Summer by SPRSPRsDigitalArt Lady of the Ravens by Shann2j 
Majestic by SimplyDefinedArt
Guest Of Wind by shiny-shadows-Art Casablanca + Video by Stan-CS30 
The View by xLocky
Sorcery at Dawn by Splat-Shot Christine by VeroniqueThomas Mourning by YaelPardina
Here are the winners of the Short Challenge #9 hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium: Congrats!

Members choose

Wild girl by tiffanydark
On an Evening in August by Alexis-Frost

 founders choose

Instinct by xLocky
Here are the pictures which grabbed my eyes this week. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Autumn by adrianamusettidavila The night sparks II by Alshain4 Time Lord by anonimodesign1
Titania by Aegils
Welcoming Committee by vacuumslayer The Valley Protector - dheean by dheean Sleeping With The Dead by Corvinerium
Outnumbered by dresew
Last Flower by Darkraven002 Dreamy by feathersnchains
Darkwood by DariaEndresen
Bride by jugatatinhas Field by JacqChristiaan Mystical Priestess by JaiMcFerran
The thunderstorm is approaching by IgnisFatuusII
Amon Surya by LINGDUMSTUDOG Wizards by MelieMelusine Myth and Serpents by vincentjongman
Tutto il Mondo Ha Perso by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A Prisoner Of Dark Thoughts by moonchild-ljilja
Battlefield by MufarrehAlsubaie
I fight by your side by MoonZaphire Autumn's Aura(prints available) by Lolita-Artz
sea underwater by midodellouche
morning... by mirandaarts It's Raining by motherearth01 LOST IN TIME by MirellaSantana
Wild girl by tiffanydark
SWORD OF NINJA by saritaangel07 Aetherium by ObscureLilium Mrs. Addams by SPRSPRsDigitalArt
How deep is your love by shiny-shadows-Art
Guardian of Eternal Hope by Shadow-of-Nemo I invite you... by Stan-CS30 Enchanted evening by PrincessMagical
The Offering by StarsColdNight
The Dance of Death Asleep by vampirekingdom Birth of a Mermaid by VeilaKs
Every week :iconchaosfay: has a journal feature with a theme.

September 12th's feature is SHARP EDGES! Any and all mediums accepted, including literature. Interpret as you see fit. Old and new pieces are welcomed! Don't have anything? Submit the work of another! Submit one piece per deviant on this poll. She will post the feature in a journal entry on September 12th.

She wants to provide artists, writers, and stock providers more exposure.
Here are the pictures which grabbed my eyes this week. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Sleeping Beauty by Black-B-o-x
Holly by 1simplemanips1 Autumn Town by Alshain4 Bal du mask Venice 3 by babsartcreations
Forteresse by Eymele
Waiting dawn by Aeternum-Art glass of tree by evenliu Forest Queen by Euselia
The Wall by feathersnchains
Bride of Frankenstein by J-u-d-a-s The Bath by EstherPuche-Art Retreat Of The Sacred Heart by FaniIoanna
Couple by hano22
Broken Heart by ektapinki Enslaved Princess by JaiMcFerran
Paper ship by IMertTmyksl
The Element by Kryseis-Art Into The Mystic by jhutter
Summer evening by megan7
Dia De Los Muertos by MarcoHerrera Never Be Afraid To Tell by MariaMurphyArt Crying soul by MoonZaphire
Bleak Day by noro8 
Dark Red Almost Black by mimikascraftroom PEACE by LanaTustich
On the top by RazielMB 
The Sacrifice by MirellaSantana Black Moth by Mysterykids A Special Place by Mysterykids
Abditus by Shann2j
The Keeper by octobre-rouge Humility by Rui-Abel Hollow Memories by Softyrider62
Liberte... by ThyC-Graphics
Rising Sun by Shirokibo El soldadito de plomo by sirkeht
Ophelia by VeroniqueThomas
Reflexionauparc by roserika Summer Dreams by VeilaKs Oakfae by theogroen
Witch by Wyonet
Here are the pictures which grabbed my eyes this week. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

And Then Came Life by Litavismindartist
In a cage by TatyanaChe Misty Forest by tryskell Dictum by vampirekingdom
The Red Queen by UnderlandDigital Autmn Dreams by TL-Designz
Every day is a second chance by RazielMB Unchain by Stan-CS30 
FAIRY OF NATURE by saritaangel07 Cold Autumn by LanaTustich Home Sweet Home by pepgirlz
Simple Solitude by LaercioMessias
On the right side of mirror by lady-amarillis Second of diamonds playing card by Lestrim
Planet Earth by lauraypablo Journey's end by MelieMelusine Conqueror Of The Seas by mastadeath
Les mots passent, les maux restent... by ThyC-Graphics
Gears of Time by Majentta Book Cover - collab with Lia by MirellaSantana 
The Raven Lady by Mr-Ripley Stranger by IrKos Haniel Falls by itznikki530
Dance by Marilis5604
Doll by JiaJenn31 Moonlight Princess by ektapinki Delusion by jugatatinhas
Oblivion by HaleyDesigns
Come back to me by EstherPuche-Art Darkness Inside by dreamswoman
Sad Angel by DeniseWorisch
Sunset in the forest by Euselia Lost Soul by ChanelAllure ...... by blaithiel
Butterfly Dance by AdrianaMadrid
Four Seasons : Autumn by AlexandraVBach Star Gazer by Alexis-Frost Mother Goddess by Babylonia666
Here are the winners of the Short Challenge #9 hosted by :iconwesley-souza: Congrats!

Members choice

Thermopylae by Aramisdream
Moonlight Magic by VeilaKs

 founders choice

The Witch of the Mountains by shadeley
Here are the pictures which grabbed my eyes this week. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Lost Hopes by Euselia
Fell from the sky by JiaJenn31 Thermopylae by Aramisdream Dandelion by Bansheeda
kalini et le Dragon by cflonflon
Fog in the morning - dheean by dheean
El Faro by AdrianaMadrid Sweet Dreams by Ahmed-Fares94 A Silent Tale by alkab-art
Roxanne by adce1
On The Edge by Fatz8016
Keeper of Annwn by JaiMcFerran What happened to all the fish? by Dypritee sacred cauldron by HenriqueThenryLI
Carousel of Happiness by LINGDUMSTUDOG
 Bieautyinblue by roserika Once Upon A Time by SummerDreams89
Counting Stars [contest, theme 4] by msriotte
Absinthe Fairy by LiliaOsipova The Horseman Journey by MoodyBlue Goodbye by Mysterykids
Dracula returns by LuLebel
dream... by mirandaarts
Imaginearium by nine9nine9 Enjoying The Ride by motherearth01 Gangstas by robhas1left 
Pollution by noro8
Xanadu by SweediesArt
StormBringer by VanessaPadua Guardians by Softyrider62 WHITE RABBIT by saritaangel07 
A Different Horizon by Whendell
Deep Blue Sea by xLocky 
Drought by Shann2j The adventures of Cecil by mannoel Annuntiandi ad finem perdurabit by vampirekingdom

Here are the winners of the "Creature Contest" hosted by :iconsupernatural-art: :iconall-artists: :iconhighqualityart: :iconpsychoartistunited:

Digital Art

A Mermaid by Mesozord

Crack guardian... by Dark-Indigo

Soul Eater by zememz

Traditional Art

The Creature by rebeccahirst

Fairy Dragon by Aramisdream

Fantasy Mountain Stag -handcrafted- Rhiannon Woolf by RhiannonWoolf

Congrats to everybody :clap: